Big Sister-To-Be Shower

Since we chose not to know the sex of our children-to-be, (crazy I know! – hubby’s idea!) we knew that choosing a gender neutral color scheme for our shower was essential. It was also very important that we somehow include our four year old daughter into the festivities. I found these adorable Big Sister shirts and even thought that allowing her to open all the gifts in front of everyone would make her feel extra special. And that’s when the light bulb went on. Why not have a Big Sister Shower?!! A Shower for the Big Sister where she would be the center of attention and all gifts would be for her to use on her new brother or sister!!

We decided to go with a soft yellow and gray theme. I chose the polka dot and chevron patterns to compliment all the printables. When it came to the invites, my brain was on a blank. I wanted to incorporate certain essential elements. Lace, ribbon, and a picture of the Big Sister to be were at the top of the list. But how would I incorporate them? I started with creating the digital invite and finding the exact wording. It took us quite some time to come with the perfect rhyme, and I absolutely love how it came out. The next step was to add the picture but because of the large poem, we fell short of space. The only option was to add that element to the outside of the invite and it worked. Little by little the essential features began to blend together. At the end, I decided to add a little velum to give it a soft feel.

These are by far my most favorite invites. I love how everything blended together.
Big Sister Shower Digital Invite      Big Sister Shower Invite w tag      Big Sister Shower Invite

Now that the theme, colors and invites were finalized I started thinking of the decor. Since I knew I would be busy with orders and fufilling deadlines, I knew this event had to be as simple as possible but with some Heavenly Hands cuteness. We did not have a candy bar as we usually do. Doing so would cause me more work and with my huge belly, that was not an option. So I thought of using real flowers that I could get the morning of the event and quickly make small floral arrangements. I created round centerpiece toppers with the Big Sister in mind. Last minute, I decided to make cupcake liner centerpieces. With the help of my sister-in-laws, we made them in no time at all.

Big Sister Shower Floral Centerpiece 2 Big Sister Shower Floral Centerpiece 1 Big Sister Shower Centerpiece 1

I proceeded to create the water bottle labels, mason jar labels for drinks, and food labels for every item in the same coordinating colors and patterns.  I even created tissue paper garlands for the food and gift table.

Big Sister Shower Water Bottle Labels    Big Sister Shower Tassles    Big Sister Shower Mason Jars    Big Sister Shower Food Labels

My sister gave us this really great idea of making churros as a treat for our guests. We just cut them in half, popped them in the oven, sprinkled them with sugar and cinnamon and served. The kids went crazy with excitement.

For food we had Birria, a traditional Mexican plate my mom made along with delicious beans and red rice. The cake was created by the very best cake baker/artist, also known as my sister. How lucky am I that I have connections for each of my events! Yummy!! She never dissapoints and always amazes me each and every time!!

Big Sister Shower Cake     Big Sister Shower Cake 3     Big Sister Shower Cake 2

For the kids, we got a face painter who we always try to hire for our events.  The kids are always excited and the line is never short of kids wanted to get some really great art on their silly faces.  For the adults we set up a photo booth backdrop along with props for us to enjoy and have some fun.

                        Big Sister Shower Family Pic 1     Big Sister Shower Family Pic

Overall, we had a blast! It was a simple and intimate event with our wonderful family and friends.  And as if that wasn’t enough, our little miracle from God decided to push her way into this world an entire month early. That same night after the shower, my water broke in the middle of the night. As you can imagine, we had nothing prepared, not even my hospital bag. Since my maternity leave was suppose to start the day following our shower, I had an entire month to prepare our home and arrangements for the baby’s birth. But that story is an entire blog post within itself. But here she is, born February 4, 2013, Kayla Sarai Jurado. Our little miracle.

Proud Big Sister


2 thoughts on “Big Sister-To-Be Shower

  1. I absolutely loved this!!! You are so creative and I just hope that the day I have a special occasion, you be the one to help me. Thank you so much for always sharing your ideas and creativity. I had never heard of an older sister shower. I might just have to borrow your idea, if you don’t mind, for the day I give Christian a sibling. 🙂

    • Thank you Jessica! Absolutely!! I would love to help. And yes!! Use it for Christian. Because Jaylene was so invovled in everything and she knew this was a celebration for her, we never had issues with sibling jelousy. In fact, I think this helped her even more in accepting her little sister. Now she embraces being an older sister and takes her role serious. Also, when little sister cries, big sister is crying along with her. It’s cute!

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